B.A.LAB Meet
Meetings, E-learning

The first software for virtual meetings completely free and without restrictions or restrictions.
It allows registered users to create unlimited rooms, accessible to all or to specific users by registering or entering a password.
Users can follow the meeting passively (listening only) or actively, participating with the microphone, webcam and through the change of status.
It also offers the possibility to share the screen of your device or to present a document, with direct interaction of the participants.

Mailing List, Newsletter.

Highly performing and simple to use, EMA wants to be the definitive software for those who have to manage large feeds for their customers.
By creating personalized lists, all members can be contacted with little effort.

Restaurant, Food Services

NONCUCINO.IT is a website dedicated to our customers Restaurateurs, where users can search for the restaurant that best suits their needs around them and order directly from home.
The service is completely free for both restaurateurs and customers.

Network Management
Corporate Fleets, Allocations, Transportation.

Manage your corporate fleets and control transport flows directly online.
With an interface based on interactive maps it allows you to simplify the entire process from the allocation sent and from planning to monitoring a delivery. It allows you to locate your workforce on the map in real time.
It comes with an integrated two-way notification that can be used to serve and update customers regarding their delivery at regular intervals and manage the mobile workforce in efficiently with immediate updates.
The analysis and graphical reports available in the dashboard allows you to monitor the performance of the workforce. The data can be used for decision making to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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